Tennessee Tag Renewal

Tennessee tag renewal in 2024 has been made easier with various options tailored to suit the convenience of motorists renewing their vehicle tags. 

This guide will cover the significance of renewing tags, the different ways to do it, and the fees involved for the registered owner during the tag renewal process.

Tag Renewals and Vehicle Registration

Tag renewals are required for the annual registration of vehicles in Tennessee. Your renewal confirms the vehicle registration with the state and is offered in a variety of ways. 

Renew Online Service

Motorists can renew online using the state’s services. With a valid credit card, current tag receipt, and the state preprinted form, you can complete the process on the state website.

Self-Serve Kiosk

In various county clerk’s offices, these kiosks allow you to renew your tags using your state renewal notice or tag receipt.

Phone App Service

A mobile app designed for tag renewal, where motorists can use their preprinted form mailed to them to facilitate the renewal.

Mail-In Service

You can use the state-preprinted form mailed to your correct address along with the current tag receipt and mail fee to renew through the postal service.

In-Person Service

Visit the local county clerk’s office with your current tag receipt, renewal document, and a valid credit card to renew in person.

Renewal Location Finder

Use this search tool to find the nearest clerk’s office or kiosk for you to access renewal services.

Disability License Service

For disability license plates, you can renew through online services or at the clerk’s office.

License Plate Options

There are a variety of license plate designs available for Tennessee residents. Different license plates, including specialty plates, can be renewed online or at the county clerk’s office.

Out-of-State and Expired Tags: 

Visit the business information system for renewal if you are out of state or have expired tags or walk into a local in-person service.

For motorists renewing their tags from another state, coordination with the Tennessee department and the relevant authorities in the current state might be necessary. 

Expired tags can lead to fines, and it is advisable to visit the county clerk’s office immediately to be sure that the right steps are followed to avoid further penalties.

Tag Renewal Fees 2024

The tag renewal fees vary based on your vehicle type and if it has any specific requirements, helping to cover various administrative and inventory purposes. 

These county tag fees may differ. Refer to your local county clerk’s office or state website. Costs include standard plates, specialty plates promoting Middle Tennessee State University, or different specialty plate designs available in various Tennessee counties. 


Here are our answers to some of the most pressing questions about tag renewal.

What is needed to renew tags in Tennessee?

You need a state preprinted form, a current tag receipt, and your payment for applicable fees.

Is there a grace for expired tags in Tennessee?

No, penalties apply immediately after expiration on the same date.


Tennessee tag renewal for 2024 is offered in multiple convenient options for motorists, from online services to in-person visits at the county clerk’s office. Thanks to clear guidelines renewing license plates in Tennessee has become more accessible and user-friendly.