Tennessee License Plates

The new year has ushered in some notable changes to Tennessee license plates, with several new and exciting options available to vehicle owners in the state. There’s a lot to explore, from new license plate designs to different specialty plates. 

This article will outline where, how, and when to get your updated plates and all relative government changes and fees, including the new plates that are becoming popular across the state.

New Tennessee License Plates 2024

2024 is a big year for Tennessee license plates, with new designs and options available to drivers. This section introduces the various types of new license plates, where to apply, and any significant information related to costs and requirements.

Tennessee License Plates

Ordering or renewing standard plates is a straightforward process. Residents can visit their local county clerk’s office or apply online, providing proof of identity, vehicle registration, and payment for the fees, which vary across Tennessee counties but generally range from $20 to $70. 

For Davidson County, Knox County, Benton County, and other counties, information and pricing can be found on the state department’s website.

Disabled Driver Plates

Disabled driver license plates are available for eligible individuals in Tennessee. The new plates application process requires proof of disability through a physician’s statement, vehicle registration, and appropriate identification. 

Costs for disabled driver plates are generally the same as standard plates but may vary across Tennessee counties. Applications can be made at county clerk offices, including in the Middle Tennessee State University area.

Personalized Drivers Plates

Tennessee offers personalized driver’s license plates for those looking to stand out. These specialty plates can include custom numbers or letters, subject to availability and approval. 

The application process includes completing a specific form, providing standard documents like vehicle registration, and paying a fee of around $35 in addition to the standard license plate costs. 

Different specialty plate designs are available; more information can be found on the Tennessee license website.

“In God We Trust” Blue Plates

The new blue plates with “In God We Trust” emblazoned are becoming popular. These specialty plates can be ordered or renewed at the same cost as standard plates, typically between $20 and $70. 

Applicants must provide standard identification and vehicle registration and can apply online or at local county clerk’s offices. The new “In God We Trust” blue plates are not only a symbol of faith but also serve administrative and inventory purposes.

Where To Buy License Plates?

Getting your license plates, whether standard or the blue “In God We Trust” plates, is more convenient than ever. Whether you’re looking for standard plates, the new license plate options, or even the newly introduced blue plates, you can apply online through the state department’s website, download the dedicated app, or visit your local DMV. 

You should visit specific locations for specialty plates, including those associated with Middle Tennessee State University. Links and additional information can be found on the Tennessee license website, making the process accessible to residents in Davidson County, Benton County, Knox County, Middle Tennessee, and across the state.

Additional Resources

Tennessee’s state department provides an abundance of resources for Tennessee residents seeking information on out-of-state plates, expired plates, and additional updates. 

Specific details on transferring out-of-state plates, renewing expired plates, or accessing various specialty plates like the “In God We Trust” plates can be found on the state’s website, ensuring that every aspect of license, standard plates, different specialty plate options, and new blue plates are easily accessible.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding license plates:

How many different license plates does Tennessee have?

Tennessee offers over 100 specialty plates, including standard, personalized, and “In God We Trust” blue plates.

Why are Tennessee license plates different?

Tennessee license plates vary to represent different counties, specialty causes, and unique designs like the “God We Trust” plates.

What are the names on Tennessee license plates?

Names on Tennessee license plates include the county name, specific designs like Middle Tennessee State University, and slogans such as “In God We Trust.”

What do I need to get license plates?

You’ll need proof of identification, vehicle registration, and payment for applicable fees to obtain Tennessee license plates.


The landscape of Tennessee license plates has expanded in 2023, offering diverse options from standard plates to new “In God We Trust” blue plates and different specialty plate designs. 

Residents of Tennessee counties, including Davidson County, Benton County, Knox County, and Middle Tennessee, can easily renew or obtain new license plates online, at the DMV, or through the dedicated app. 

These various options make getting license plates convenient and tailored to individual preferences and needs.