How To Get a Registration Renewal for Your Vehicle?

Don’t risk getting into trouble for not renewing your vehicle registration. Check out this step-by-step guide on registration renewal.

How Do I Know It’s Time To Renew?

You can easily check if it’s time to renew your vehicle registration by checking your vehicle’s registration expiration date. You’ll also probably receive mailed vehicle registration renewal notice postcards or email reminders from your local county clerk‘s office.

It’s important not to forget about vehicle registration renewal. When you renew a registration, you can rest assured you’ve followed all legal vehicle requirements in the state. 

Ways To Renew a Vehicle Registration

Let’s explore different ways to renew your vehicle registration.


  • Visit the official Tennessee County Clerk website.
  • Enter your vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Follow the prompts to finish the vehicle registration renewal process.
  • Pay the amount the website shows.
  • Print your temporary registration certificate. The county clerk office can help you if needed. 
  • Specialty license plates may need specific forms. 

Self-Service Kiosk

  • Find a nearby self-service kiosk through the official Tennessee County Clerk Website.
  • Scan your current registration or driver’s license.
  • Select your vehicle.
  • If the renewal is successful, your renewal decal and registration will immediately print at the kiosk.

By Phone

  • Download the Auto Assistant app from your smartphone’s Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Tap the “Renew Vehicle Registration” icon to begin your renewal process.
  • Verify the accuracy of the information the app displays.
  • Pay the required fees, and wait for a confirmation.
  • Download the app-generated copy of your renewed registration and decal.

By Mail

  • Gather the relevant documents for your vehicle registration renewal, including your renewal notice, police report, and any other relevant documents specified on your renewal notice.
  • If you already have a pre-filled renewal form, verify this information. If you don’t, download it from your county clerk’s website and fill it out. 
  • Pay the renewal fees outlined in the renewal notice.
  • Mail these documents to your county clerk’s office.
  • Wait for a renewed registration and decal from your county clerk’s office.

In Person at the DMV

  • Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles with your renewal notice, driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
  • Pay the renewal fees, as requested by the DMV.
  • Receive your renewed registration and decal right away.
  • You may also need to know your vehicle’s expiration date. If you have specialty plates, you should still be able to renew in person. 
  • You can also get a replacement plate here. If you have more than one car, Tennessee drivers can get multiple vehicles registered.


Getting a registration renewal is now easier than before, as there are multiple ways to handle it. If you’d like to finish the process from the comfort of your home, you can renew online, via phone, or by mail. Alternatively, you can check in at the nearest self-service kiosk or visit the DMV or your local county clerk’s office.